SAP To Use ChatGPT In AI Use Cases

According to SAP, which announced plans in January to cut 3,000 jobs in order to cut costs, this year the company will not be restructuring and will be using artificial intelligence technologies such as generative AI.

In addition, SAP has an internal committee consisting of customers, researchers, and analysts to guard against potential misuses of AI.

SAP's cloud revenues grew 24% year-over-year, broadly in line with expectations. The company has already discounted Qualtrics' profits from the current earnings report, which was divested last month.

It expects non-IFRS operating profit to be between 8.6 and 8.9 billion euros, down 200 million euros from last year. There is a forecast reduction of 1.3 billion euros to 14 billion to 14.4 billion euros for cloud revenue.


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